Target Golf Practice Area

Butter and Egg Adventures in Troy, Alabama has added a golf practice area to our facilities and services.  Our first phase is what we are calling “Target Golf”.  There are 9 “Hitting Stations” ranging from 103 yards to 164 yards.  These hitting stations are located in various areas near our Lakefront.  Each station has an artificial piece of turf and varies in the approach to our “Island Green”.  This hitting area is for the Short Game only, meaning that no long irons or drivers of any kind can be used.  We highly suggest that you make a reservation before coming out to the golf practice area to make sure that this area is available for the time that you wish to come.

Island Green At Butter And Egg Adventures

Hitting Station Views

Within the “Hitting Station”, we have a multipurpose “Hitting Mat” which has three different types of turf (Green, Fairway and Rough). These hitting mats can be moved around so that you can get different lies such as a downhill and uphill.

Hitting Station At Butter And Egg Adventures

We will be using “Floating Golf Balls” for the hitting stations and can be bought in Medium and Large buckets.

Don’t want to be out in the hot sun hitting golf balls, we have spots in the shade till around 1 pm.

Golf Ball Station At Butter And Egg Adventures

Operation Hours 

Monday-Thursday    9:00am-5:00pm

Friday   9:00am-3:30pm

Saturday   9:00am-5:00pm

Call 334.670.9954 or 334.670.9953 to make a reservation

Reservations are highly encouraged

Ball Bucket Options

You will have two choices for golf ball buckets at the practice area.  Medium buckets will cost $8.00* and Large buckets will cost $10.00*.

*Tax of 9.50% will be added

Golf Practice Balls At Butter And Egg Adventures