School Field Trips Make Lasting Memories

Even as a senior citizen, I can still recall many school field trips from my youth. As a kid, I counted down the days when the whole class would board a bus, bound for adventure not found in my rural hometown. Some school field trips were highly educational and tied to required curricula (i.e., the state capitol tour in the 4th grade Alabama history year), while others allowed for rambunctious kids to explore the outdoors and break out of the daily confines of our school building (i.e., state parks, the zoo).

Now that I operate a recreational facility that offers school field trips, I take great pride in planning experiences that children will remember for years to come. I also want to make these experiences enjoyable to teachers and staff so that they can join in on the fun and let their students see a different side of themselves. There is always great excitement when teachers soar on the zipline, climb up the rock wall, or oppose their students in battle on the Laser Combat course.

Active, Safe, and Unique Experiences are What You Should Expect

A typical field trip at Butter and Egg Adventures will include a set of four, outdoor activities that students experience before lunch. Each facilitated recreation venue is staffed with well-trained, friendly guides who patiently give instruction and encouragement to each excited student. The entire process is overseen by our staff members who stay connected to guides through radio contact. Lines getting long at ziplines?…..send students to canoeing and pedal boating; Johnny’s finished all the activities? …..suggest that he and his friends play Human Foosball for the last few minutes before lunch. Students are in constant motion in a frenzied effort to do everything possible before it’s time to leave.

Typical Activities for Butter and Egg Adventures’ field trips include:

  • Riding the 3-Zipline Course
  • Climbing the 35-ft Climbing Wall
  • Paddling in canoes and pedal boats on the Lake
  • Playing Laser Tag on the Battlefield
  • Engaging in Teamwork Initiatives
  • Playing games at our Open Recreation areas
  • Competing with classmates in Survivor-styled challenges on the Woodland Encounter Course
Field Trips At Butter And Egg Adventures

Experiences can be planned for 2nd Graders through High School-age students. Parents are welcome to join in on the fun, as well!

Teambuilding Can Be The Focus

Middle and High Schools often seek opportunities to engage their students in team building activities to teach, or reinforce, behaviors such as patience, inclusion, creativity, empathy, and other positive social-emotional behaviors that are so desperately needed today. Butter and Egg Adventures uses two, forested courses to offer teamwork programs: a Low Ropes Challenge Course, and the Woodland Encounter team competition course. We also use dozens of props in both outdoor and gym settings to facilitate challenging initiatives for older youth. A Teambuilding-Only field trip can be a cost-effective option to our traditional, recreation-focused options. And, they sometimes meet specific programming needs that recreational programs do not.

To plan the best field trip for your group, please call me, Ron Pierce, at 334.670.9954 to start the planning process. Or, complete the Field Trip Quote Request to initiate e-mail contact.

School Field Trips