The Tower and High Team Challenge Course

At Butter and Egg Adventures, you’ll find an amazing attraction that serves both as a team challenge course and individual challenge facility. This unique course is called The Tower and High Team Challenge Course, and it stands at an impressive height of 57 feet. As you drive onto Butter and Egg Adventures’ property, you’ll notice the course right at the entrance, impossible to miss. This multi-use tower allows both groups and individuals to put their skills to the test, having an incredible experience while enjoying our Aerial Adventure facility.

The Team Challenge Course –a type of course where members of a group work together for team-building purposes– is designed to take your experience to the next level. This course will challenge each individual to grow and work more effectively in a team, fostering a strong bonding experience. Don’t miss the chance to visit The Tower and High Team Challenge Course at Butter and Egg Adventures! Whether you are looking for Team Building for your group, or just looking for something to do with your family or friends, then call us to make a reservation.

He Tower And High Team Challenge Course At Butter And Egg Adventures

About The Tower

  • 57 feet tall
  • SixTeam Challenge Course Elements
  • Two Climbing routes
  • Two Repelling stations
  • One Free Flight Jump

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