Outdoor Laser Tag At The Battlefield In Troy, AlabamaPlay outdoor laser tag on The Battlefield, or Frontlines at Butter and Egg Adventures located in Troy, Alabama.  It is the area’s only outdoor laser tag combat field.  Featuring state-of-the art laser tag equipment and over a dozen game scenarios, The Battlefield provides a unique outdoor laser combat recreational experience for ages 5 and up to enjoy.

During your experience, you will have access to fox holes, bunkers and machine gun nests. Our goal is to provide the most exciting laser tag experience in Alabama by producing the most realistic and advanced tactical laser tag field you have ever seen.

When you visit the Battlefield for the first time and experience the outdoor laser tag combat course, you will be amazed how vast the playing field is.  Our laser tag equipment is top notch and provides you with real time information as you play the game.

Two Different Playing Fields

You now can choose from two different playing fields for your outdoor laser tag event.  “The Battlefield” is still wide open and our new field “Frontlines” is located in the woods.  Both playing fields are near each other and you can play on either one of them, just let us know which one you prefer.                                                    

Outdoor Laser Tag In Troy Alabama
The Battlefield
Laser Tag At Butter And Egg Adventures

Birthday Parties at The Battlefield

If you’re looking for an awesome laser tag birthday party experience that your kids will be talking about for years to come, you’ve come to the right place.  Birthday parties at The Battlefield in Troy, Alabama are unlike anything your kids have experienced. If you host laser tag birthday parties at our outdoor Battlefield, you are going to be the most popular mom or dad in town!  Why? Because the kids at the party will have a great adventure – ALL of them. We see to that because that is OUR mission.  You can reserve your outdoor laser tag birthday party by clicking on this link and submitting the form.

$215 Battlefield Birthday Package Includes:

  • A 1 1/2 hour session with multiple games and missions for up to 15 players
  •  Access to a picnic area for food and drink, provided by guest
  • $10 per additional birthday package player 16-32 players

Birthday Party Add-Ons:

  • $15 per person to add  three ziplines
  • $7.00 per person to add climbing wall

The Armory

The battlefield armory, is some of the best in the industry.  You will know when you hit your opponent and when your opponent shoots you.  With a range of over 300 feet, you will be able to use much of the 42,000 sqft. combat field to play on.

During your playing time, you will have opportunities to change up games to create different playing scenarios along with the battlefield armory for both individual and team situations. On our outdoor combat laser tag field, you will get to enjoy the full laser tag experience by crawling in fox holes, hiding within machine gun nests, sneaking behind fuel containers, climbing walls,  to make playing on this field an adventure.

At the Battlefield laser tag course, we have 9 different missions to choose from and every game will have to be played differently.

Tactical Laser Games

Last Man Standing               

Medic Rescue
Military Intel                           

Capture the Flag

Supply Grab                             


Safe Cracker


Armory Information At The Battlefield
Corporate Laser Tag At Butter And Egg Adventures

Corporate Events on The Battlefield

Head out of the office and onto the Battlefield for a true team building experience. Here at the Battlefield, we will deliver an outstanding corporate event that your team won’t soon forget. Our corporate team building exercises help bring a team together in a fun way that allows employees to be more effective at work. Our laser tag missions are fun, action-packed games that are designed to improve communication, readiness, and leadership skills for corporate events. 

The Battlefield provides corporations with plenty of team building exercises that will allow your company to have a great time while learning to work together more efficiently. On the field, teams must work together to defeat their opponent, as they would in a real battle. Our laser tag missions are completely customizable, highly entertaining and full of strategy that keeps corporate members  engaged throughout the entire game.