What is Team Building?

Butter and Egg Adventures, in Troy, Alabama, offers opportunities for groups to learn and grow while engaging in a series of team building activities. The program may be offered outdoors on one of our challenge courses, or indoors using mobile props at either our site or at yours. Individuals are placed in situations in which they are encouraged to cooperatively find solutions to problems and work creatively with resources on-hand. The goal of our  program is to build skills that can be transferred to the participants’ everyday life in school, at work, or in a variety of social settings.

Participants, led by trained facilitators, find their way through mazes, balance on cables, engage in construction projects, practice a variety of decision-making strategies, and reflect on their experiences in order to build confidence, trust, and camaraderie. Team building programs are customized for individuals once information is attained from the Team Building Inquiry form. Older elementary students, teens, and adults can benefit from experiences. At least ten persons are needed to offer a team building program, and large groups, led by multiple facilitators, may also be accommodated.

Team Building at Butter and Egg AdventuresHow Can a Team Benefit?

Group members can sharpen their communication and problem-solving skills as they are faced with challenges they’re asked to overcome with team building. While tackling challenges, individuals are encouraged to identity strengths of each team member and to take steps to engage everyone in the process.  The facilitator will present initiatives that are unfamiliar and challenging in order to help persons develop resilience and perseverance. Group members reflect on their progress as they complete activities and are asked to relate what they’re learning to their everyday experiences. While the team building activities should be fun and engaging, the entire process is quite deliberate and goal-oriented to the specific group’s needs.

Who Participates?

People who are interested in improving their relationships with others and improving their self awareness and self management skills can benefit from participation in a team building program. A program is planned with the specific group’s needs in mind. Work groups from corporate, military, and government environments, students, athletic teams, non-profits and treatment program participants are all examples of the various types of groups served.

How Do We Get Started?

In order to receive a proposal and identify available dates for a team building program, please complete and submit the Inquiry Form.  We will reply with a proposal via e-mail. If you do not receive a reply within 3 days, please check your spam folder in the event that our email was diverted. We’re also happy to talk with you by phone at 334.670.9954.

Click here to submit a Team Building Inquiry Form. 

Team Building at Butter and Egg Adventures