The Woodland Encounter Course

Do you have a competitive group that’s looking for a new teamwork challenge?  Are your “go-to” games becoming a little too routine? Do the same jocks win the same games year after year?  Well, say, “So Long!” to tug-of-war, egg toss, 3-legged race and dizzy bat and, “Hello!” to the challenges at the Woodland Encounter Course. 

Teamwork at The Woodland Encounter Course

This course features physical, intellectual and analytical challenges presented in an inviting forest area of Butter and Egg Adventures in Troy, Alabama. Team members will collaborate to solve puzzles, guide one another through obstacles and to outwit their opponents.  

Fierce competitions typically ensue, along with loads of laughter and unbridled enthusiasm. This teamwork course is suitable for both youth and adult groups and may be scheduled as a single event or as an addition to our team-building programs. Each game venue accommodates up to three competing teams at once. Games are structured so that each team member contributes to the task at-hand.

Plan for 60-90 minutes of continuous challenges facilitated by our enthusiastic staff. Red, blue, and green team buffs may be purchased to denote each member’s group and to provide a lasting memento of the fun experience. In a shady, wooded outdoor area, Woodland Encounter challenges are available year-round.

Teamwork At Woodland Encounter Course
Teamwork At Woodland Encounter Course
Teamwork At The Woodland Encounter Course