Home to 23 Zip Lines In Alabama, More Than Any Other Place in Alabama!

Butter and Egg Adventures has 23 different Zip Lines in Alabama, which totals nearly a mile of cable crisscrossing various areas of the property. Some of our zip lines start from elevated, free-standing platforms while other lines are incorporated in tree-to-tree challenge courses.  Butter and Egg Adventures has more lines at this location, than any other provider in the State of Alabama.  If you compare our prices to these other locations, you will find that we offer you a great deal, for a better price for ziplining in Alabama!

Four Different Adventure Packages Available

Here at Butter and Egg Adventures, you get to make the choice on which adventure you want to take.  We have a “Zip Line Only Package”, which contains 10 lines and two bridges in the trees ($38.00 per person).  We also offer our “Basic Adventure Package”, which has 11 lines and 14 tree elements, plus the climbing wall and giant swing ($55.00 per person). Our “Tree Trek Package” includes all of the above, plus 5 more zips and 8 elements. With this package, you will be able to “Ride a Bicycle” between two trees ($69.00 per person).  Watch the video of this ride, by clicking here.

Participants are harnessed and attached securely onto a steel cable by specially designed pulleys. Participants must be at least 5 years old (9 years old for challenge course and double zip lines) and weigh no more than 260 lbs.  For reservations of two people for (Zip Lines Only, Adventure Package and Tree Trek), a $7.50 fee will be applied to the total package price.  If other individuals are added to your package time, making it three or more people, this charge will not apply.

Zip Lines in Alabama

Butter and Egg Adventures’s longest zip line is (915′).  Some of our lines are 10′ off the ground and others are at 50′ above ground.  To get to our double zip line, you must walk a 85′ net to the top of our 55′ tower.  We have zip lines that go ground to ground and have some that go tree to tree.  Need to take this off your “Bucket List” of things to do, then let us help you.

Zip Lines in Alabama
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