This certificate is for up to 10 people to play laser tag (hour and half) at The Battlefield at Butter and Egg Adventures in Troy, AL.


The Battlefield Gift Certificate

The battlefield gift certificate is good for up to 10 people to play laser tag in the “Battlefield” at Butter and Egg Adventures in Troy Alabama. The Battlefield Gift Certificate



The Battlefield at Butter and Egg Adventures in Troy, Alabama, is the area’s only outdoor tactical laser combat field. Featuring state-of-the art laser equipment and over a dozen game scenarios, The Battlefield provides a unique outdoor recreational experience. Our combat field setting includes fox holes, bunkers, machine gun nests.

Join us at The Battlefield to experience outdoor laser tag combat, as if you were really there.  Our laser tag equipment is top notch and provides you with real time information as you play the game.  During your playing time, you will have opportunities to change up games to create different playing scenarios for both individual and team situations.

Players may simulate a down pilot rescue mission, or work as a team to capture the enemy’s flag, or play “Every man for himself”, in an effort to be the last man or woman standing  These missions will get your blood pumping and mind racing, while ultimately trying to evade enemy fire.  With nine different missions to choose from, every game will have to be played differently.  Try being the “Medic”, who has been captured by the enemy and it’s up to your team to rescue you from them.  Did you ever want to be the last man or woman standing, then we have a game for you, where everyone is against everyone else.

Plenty of opportunity to be a great team member, or stand on your own during all of the games.  Looking for something fun and different to do in Troy, AL then make a reservation at TheBattlefield at Butter and Egg Adventures.  Each session is 90 minutes long and you should be able to play around 6-8 games in this time.  All of your laser gun equipment is provided as part of your package.