Great Things are happening at Butter and Egg Adventures

Butter and Egg Adventures is a great place to spend a day with family and friends. Located in Troy, Alabama, Butter and Egg Adventures offers a variety of activities, including zip lines, aerial adventure courses, and more.

For those looking for an adrenaline rush, Butter and Egg Adventures has 19 zip lines that range in length from 100 to 915 feet. Zip lines are available for ages 5 and up.  Check out our webpage for more information Zip Tours

If you’re looking for something a little more challenging, Butter and Egg Adventures also has two aerial adventure courses. These courses are made up of a series of platforms and obstacles that are suspended in the trees. Aerial adventure courses are a great way to test your balance, coordination, and strength.  To see these courses in action, click on our link to our Promotional Video.

In addition to zip lines and aerial adventure courses, Butter and Egg Adventures also offers a variety of other activities, including:

* Canoeing and pedal boating

* Outdoor laser tag

* Axe throwing

* An escape room

* Retreat Center for Groups

* A lodge with meeting and dining space Customized Group Events

* Bunkhouse accommodations for Customized Group Events

* Teambuilding and Low Ropes programs

* Youth Birthday Parties

Butter and Egg Adventures is the perfect place for a family outing, corporate retreat, or church group event. With something for everyone, Butter and Egg Adventures is sure to provide a day of fun and adventure for all.

**To make a reservation for zip lines or aerial adventure courses, please vis

Butter and Egg Adventures Front Entrance

it the Butter and Egg Adventures 

website Butter and Egg Adventures or call (334) 670-9954.**

To find out more about the history of Butter and Egg Adventures, Click Here

Cold Weather Fun!

No Reason not to have some cool outdoor fun!

The weather in Alabama may be getting a little cooler, but you still have plenty of time to enjoy some outdoor fun at Butter and Egg Adventures located in Troy, Alabama.  Butter and Egg Adventures is a privately-owned Alabama retreat center and outdoor recreational facility located on 48 scenic acres.  With a wide variety of things to do, why not bundle up and enjoy some fresh outdoor air.

This aerial adventure facility has 19 different zip lines and 2 high rope aerial courses, climbing wall and a large outdoor laser combat battlefield.  With other outdoor activities such as Axe Throwing, and a wide variety of outdoor games, you could stay busy for hours. 

We are located just 45 minutes south of Montgomery and 60 miles above Dothan, so it won’t take too long to get here to begin your fun.  Ziplines are open for those five years and above and weigh 260 pounds or less.  The youngest age for the aerial courses is nine years old. 

Butter and Egg Adventures is also a Retreat Center and can serve the needs of youth church groups, school groups, scout groups and corporate groups by providing meeting space, team building, overnight accommodations, and meals.  There are 52 beds located on property and plenty of space for scout groups to camp. 

For more information on our facilities and services, please visit or call 334.670.9954 for more information.  Butter and Egg Adventures can create a custom group quote for 15 or more participants for you.  Please visit this page to find out how much it may cost for your group to come to Butter and Egg Adventures.

Butter and Egg Adventures Front Entrance

Retreats at Butter and Egg Adventures

Retreats at Butter and Egg AdventuresButter and Egg Adventures capped off a busy summer retreat season by hosting the University of Alabama women’s basketball team for their pre-season team retreat. The Alabama team represented one of twenty-two different overnight groups, spending sixty-one days on-site, enjoying well-planned retreats that included recreation, teambuilding, sponsor-led meetings, and more. Just over 2,600 people from churches, schools and scout troops took advantage of Butter and Egg’s hospitality and customized event planning in 2022, with even more scheduled before year’s end.

Butter and Egg Adventures can house up to fifty-two people in bunkhouse and apartment style lodging All lodging accommodations have AC /heat and internet access.  The Bunkhouse has two different sides, each with twenty beds per side and the apartments can house an additional six guests each. 

Butter and Egg Adventures takes pride in preparing tasty, balanced meals for guests and offers a wide variety of food options along with accommodations for special diets.  Meals are served in the Lodge, and occasionally at one of the outdoor picnic areas or Pavilion.

With an abundance of recreational options, guests can expect non-stop activity at their retreat.  With nineteen different ziplines, two aerial, tree-based courses and a couple of climbing towers, guests will experience a wide range of thrills and excitement.  The Battlefield’s laser tag games, waterfront boating and fishing, and multiple, open recreation venues offer a robust variety of entertainment.  Facilitated teambuilding programs and team competitions are frequently scheduled as part of a well-rounded retreat program.

Butter and Egg adventures in a privately-owned Alabama retreat center and outdoor recreational facility located on 48 scenic acres.  For further information, please visit our website, or call 334.670.9954 for more information.

48 Acres of Fun!

What Kind of Fun can I have at Butter and Egg Adventures?

48 Acres of Fun, at Butter and Egg Adventures!

When Ron and Susan Pierce bought the property at 2127 Butter and Egg Road in Troy, Alabama, they had no idea what it would turn out to be.  Twenty-one years later, they have created 48 acres of fun and somewhere to learn new things.  Butter and Egg Adventures, a Retreat Center and Outdoor Aerial Adventure facility is located on 48 acres of land.  To find out more about the history of this facility, please click here.  What kind of “Fun” can you have at Butter and Egg Adventures?  Let’s count the ways:

1.. Ride on one of 23 zip lines, more than any other location in Alabama.

2.  Climb on two different structures, the 35 foot Climbing Wall, or try out the Vertical Playpen.

3.  Try one of three different tree challenge courses…Tree Challenge, Tree Adventures, or the Tree Trek courses. We call those “Adventure Packages”.

4.  Play Outdoor Laser Tag on one of our two playing fields.  We have the “The Battlefield” and we can also go to the woods and play on “Frontlines”.

5.  Use our 6 acre lake to canoe, pedal boat, kayak, fish, or even slide down our 150 foot water slide.

6.  Play a wide variety of outside games, such as kickball, human foosball, nine square in the air, volleyball, ga ga, or our new big fun area.

7.  Bring your golf clubs, or use ours to practice your golfing skills.  We have a “Target Golf” range and other practice facilities available to you.

8.  Bring your team, or group and help sharpen their communication and problem-solving skills at one of our two Team Building facilities.

9.  We have spaces for 52 people to spend the night for youth, church, or team retreats.  Not only to we have bed space, but Susan can put together some great meals for you.

10.  Even you just want to sit down and do nothing, we have plenty of space to do that.

For more information on any of these activities, please call 334.670.9954 to make a reservation.  You can also complete an on-line “Event Request” form and Susan will help you plan your event.

48 acres of fun

Zombies in the Woods at Butter and Egg Adventures

Zombies In Troy, Alabama

The Zombies are back at Butter and Egg Adventures in Troy, Alabama and we need your help to get rid of them!

On Friday, October 29 and Saturday, October 30 you can choose from 13 different times slots to come out and shoot them and then ride on five ziplines.  Find out more and purchase tickets by clicking on this link.  Tickets are $26.00 each and will include the 20-25 minute zombie walk with a “Zombie Hunter Guide”, five ziplines and the climbing wall.  Here are some things you need to know:

**Must be 5 or older to participate in this event.

**Ziplines and Climbing Wall open to persons weighing no more than 260lbs.

**Temperatures will be checked and we encourage masking when safe distancing is not available and inside buildings.

**Waivers will need to be signed by all participants at

Once you get to the “Waivers” page, please go to “Custom Group Event” and select the night you are coming

**Once tickets are paid for, you will receive an email with your tickets that can be either printed out, or by using your phone at check-in.

**If you want to go as group, you must buy enough tickets for that group at the time of purchase, as there will be no way to add other people to your group if that time slot is sold out.

Ziplines and Zombies
Zipline In the Dark Platform

Big Fun is…well,….big fun!

Big Fun

There’s a reason that arcade and board games have stood the test of time. They continue to entice game players of all ages, and of all skill levels. For example, skee ball and carpet ball are ridiculously easy to play but create enough challenge to keep players engaged for long periods of time, with the prospect of bettering their performance with each new game. Butter and Egg Adventures has created the perfect solution for pandemic-era game playing by installing the new Big Fun games area outdoors, with ample room for distancing and socializing at once. Located under the pines, near the parking area, Big Fun offers the following games:

Four in a row at Butter and Egg Adventures
  • 4-in-a-Row (a stand-up version of Connect Four)
  • Tumbling Tower (stackable, repositionable blocks like Jenga)
  • Carpet Ball (a favorite of summer campers, everywhere)
  • 2 lanes of Skee Ball….sorry, no redeemable tickets are dispensed.
  • Corn Hole
  • Battle of the Seas (stand-up version of the board game, Battleship)
Skee Ball at Butter and Egg Adventures

Most games are familiar to guests and need no explanation, but if necessary, Butter and Egg staff will be happy to get you started and acquaint you with games rules and objectives. Many hours of work and effort went into constructing Big Fun in such a way that school-age guests through adults can enjoy themselves with little supervision. However, guests must return all playing equipment to its original positions or containers when finished. Big Fun is not to be used as a play area for pre-school-aged children.

Battle of the Seas at Butter and Egg Adventures

Guests who are on-site for Adventure Packages, special events, and other recreation are welcome to spend time at Big Fun. We simply ask that you are mindful of others who may be waiting for their turn to play a game so that everyone has opportunity to have Big Fun! Don’t forget that we still have plenty of other things to do while here, including Zip Lines, Laser Tag, Axe Throwing and Tree Challenge Courses.

For more information, please call 334.670.9953 to find out how you can enjoy this new area of Butter and Egg Adventures.

Having Fun While Wearing a Mask

Having fun while wearing a mask!

Family and friends have plenty of opportunities to continue having fun while wearing a mask at Butter and Egg Adventures. Fun with family and friends has not disappeared during the pandemic. Butter and Egg Adventures has continued to offer small group activity in outdoor settings since we re-opened in May 2020. The ziplines continue to run, laser tag wars take place on the Battlefield, climbing hasn’t stopped and guests enjoy new venues such as axe throwing, golf practice, and the Big Fun games area. And, yes, guests and staff are having fun while wearing masks. By now, most people are accustomed to mask-wearing and have learned that the risks of not wearing a mask in Covid-19 times outweigh the reluctance to cover one’s face whether it’s for school, work, or play.

“We are not defenseless against COVID-19,” said CDC Director Dr. Robert R. Redfield. “Cloth face coverings are one of the most powerful weapons we have to slow and stop the spread of the virus – particularly when used universally within a community setting. All Americans have a responsibility to protect themselves, their families, and their communities.”


Having fun at Butter and Egg Adventures while wearing a mask.


We ask that guests provide their own masks, as they likely have one that they are already used to. If needed, our staff will gladly provide a generic, disposable mask to be worn on-site. “Even during the summer months?” Yes, we make frequent stops to distance and slide down masks for water and rest breaks. Like you, we wonder how long we’ll be wearing masks into 2021. At present, we can only speculate but we plan to follow CDC and state health department guidance in an effort to protect our staff and keep our guests safe. 

ving fun at Butter and Egg Adventures while wearing a mask.

What can you do to protect your group at Butter and Egg Adventures? If you are a sponsor or chaperone of a group who is visiting Butter and Egg, it’s important that you notify guests–and if appropriate, their family members—of our mask wearing policy prior to their scheduled event. As a group leader, your example of wearing a mask will greatly help our efforts to keep everyone safe. Staying outdoors as much as possible is also preferable. During colder months, retreat groups are likely going to have indoor meetings. Even then, guests should continue to wear masks except for the time needed to eat and drink. Group meals will be served with distancing and serving plans in place to decrease the likelihood of virus transmission.

ving fun at Butter and Egg Adventures while wearing a mask.

Is it really worth all the precautions? For our mental and physical health, we know that getting outdoors and spending time with close friends and family are important. Wearing a mask, we have found, is really not that confining and opens up many opportunities to experience joy and camaraderie, even in the midst of a time of darkness and despair. Call 334.670.9953 to make your reservation, or to find out more.

What is Butter and Egg Adventures?

What is Butter and Egg Adventures?

We hear it all the time, “What is Butter and Egg Adventures?” When you go to our webpage and look at the title in the taskbar, you will see “Retreat Center and Much More”. Take a few minutes and read this article to find out What Is Butter and Egg Adventures.

First, we need to share our history with you, so that you can see how it all began.

Back in 2001, owner Ron Pierce began offering baseball camps to area youth featuring half-day baseball training with half-day outdoor recreation using the existing swimming pool, lake and spacious grounds for group games. With the addition of a climbing wall and a single Zipline over the lake, the experience became known as “Camp Butter and Egg,” aptly named for the road on which we’re located. Through the years, baseball camps expanded to include summer sports camps featuring tennis, golf, and softball instruction. At the same time, the camp added additional recreation fields, more ziplines, challenge courses, a camp lodge, and enhanced waterfront activities. Once co-owner Susan Pierce joined the staff full-time in 2007, the addition of teambuilding, expanded food services, and hosting non-athletic groups started to take shape. In 2012, with a rapidly-growing business focused on group recreation and overnight retreats, the decision was made to discontinue sports training and focus all energies on developing a unique outdoor recreation and retreat center serving from two people to groups of several hundred persons at once.

Why “Butter and Egg?”

According to local sources, the road was named for the practice of area farmers selling their homemade butter and harvested eggs along the roadside to “city folks” from Troy who traveled down the “butter-and-egg-road” to make their purchases. We’re told that the farmers who actually occupied the site on which we now operate, struggled to make a living with their crops so they actually began the practice of selling butter and eggs, which later caught on with other local farmers.

What is Butter and Egg Adventures?

What’s Happening at Butter and Egg Adventures!

What’s Happening?

Just like many other small businesses across the country, Butter and Egg Adventures has seen a large decrease in both customers and revenue since March 2020. Our hearts go out to them and we wish them a speedy recovery.  During this downturn we kept ourselves busy by updating and maintaining our facilities in the hope that we will be back to one hundred percent soon.  However, since much of our business is generated from group events—church retreats, school groups, etc.– we don’t see that happening before the end of the year. 

In the last ten days, we have opened our “Ziplining Only” package, as well as several of our venues for individuals or small family-sized groups.  We are keeping groups separated and following social distancing rules and procedures.  We can provide our Zip Line Only packages, Axe Throwing, Waterfront, Laser Tag, Golf Practice and Climbing Wall activities to these individuals or small family groups.

We strive to maintain a 6 foot distance from our customers and that is why we are only offering a limited number of activities.  During these activities, we encourage our guests to wear face coverings and we will wear ours if requested.  We do require that all groups and individuals call us to make reservations for their visit to Butter and Egg Adventures.  You can reach us at 334.670.9953 or 334.670.9954 to do so. 

Axe Throwing at Butter and Egg Adventures
Axe Throwing Venue

As mentioned above, we have opened two new venues that are now available for use.  The “Axe Throwing” venue is located adjacent to our Low Ropes Course and has three throwing lanes.  We are booking this venue in one-hour increments and each lane accommodates a maximum of six participants.  We do require closed toe shoes for this venue.

We have also just opened Phase 1 or our Golf Practice area, which is located near our waterfront facility.  This practice area has hitting stations in various distances from our Island Green.  This venue is designed for “short irons” only and has six different approaches (103-164 yards) to the green.  We are using floating golf balls and these balls will have about a five percent decrease in distance, compared to regular golf balls.  We charge $8.00 for a medium bucket and $10.00 for a large bucket of balls.  We also have two sand bunkers nearby for practicing bunker shots.  This venue requires a phone call to reserve your time in order to ensure no overlapping of activity venues. 

Hitting Station at Butter and Egg Adventures
Golf Hitting Station

As we proceed in these unique times, we may have to make changes to our available venues and our procedures, so please make sure that you keep up with us via our social media pages.  We look forward to seeing you at Butter and Egg Adventures soon! 

What's happening?

School Field Trips at Butter and Egg Adventures

School Field Trips Make Lasting Memories

Even as a senior citizen, I can still recall many school field trips from my youth. As a kid, I counted down the days when the whole class would board a bus, bound for adventure not found in my rural hometown. Some school field trips were highly educational and tied to required curricula (i.e., the state capitol tour in the 4th grade Alabama history year), while others allowed for rambunctious kids to explore the outdoors and break out of the daily confines of our school building (i.e., state parks, the zoo).

Now that I operate a recreational facility that offers school field trips, I take great pride in planning experiences that children will remember for years to come. I also want to make these experiences enjoyable to teachers and staff so that they can join in on the fun and let their students see a different side of themselves. There is always great excitement when teachers soar on the zipline, climb up the rock wall, or oppose their students in battle on the Laser Combat course.

Active, Safe, and Unique Experiences are What You Should Expect

A typical field trip at Butter and Egg Adventures will include a set of four, outdoor activities that students experience before lunch. Each facilitated recreation venue is staffed with well-trained, friendly guides who patiently give instruction and encouragement to each excited student. The entire process is overseen by our staff members who stay connected to guides through radio contact. Lines getting long at ziplines?…..send students to canoeing and pedal boating; Johnny’s finished all the activities? …..suggest that he and his friends play Human Foosball for the last few minutes before lunch. Students are in constant motion in a frenzied effort to do everything possible before it’s time to leave.

Typical Activities for Butter and Egg Adventures’ field trips include:

  • Riding the 3-Zipline Course
  • Climbing the 35-ft Climbing Wall
  • Paddling in canoes and pedal boats on the Lake
  • Playing Laser Tag on the Battlefield
  • Engaging in Teamwork Initiatives
  • Playing games at our Open Recreation areas
  • Competing with classmates in Survivor-styled challenges on the Woodland Encounter Course
Field Trips at Butter and Egg Adventures

Experiences can be planned for 2nd Graders through High School-age students. Parents are welcome to join in on the fun, as well!

Teambuilding Can Be The Focus

Middle and High Schools often seek opportunities to engage their students in team building activities to teach, or reinforce, behaviors such as patience, inclusion, creativity, empathy, and other positive social-emotional behaviors that are so desperately needed today. Butter and Egg Adventures uses two, forested courses to offer teamwork programs: a Low Ropes Challenge Course, and the Woodland Encounter team competition course. We also use dozens of props in both outdoor and gym settings to facilitate challenging initiatives for older youth. A Teambuilding-Only field trip can be a cost-effective option to our traditional, recreation-focused options. And, they sometimes meet specific programming needs that recreational programs do not.

To plan the best field trip for your group, please call me, Ron Pierce, at 334.670.9954 to start the planning process. Or, complete the Field Trip Quote Request to initiate e-mail contact.

School Field Trips